Need and Importance of Education software in your institution

The impact of an effective and efficient school management software is a focused and well-managed institution. Apart from what it has to offer an institution there is a lot on offer for the learners as well. A software program is capable of empowering students as well as it is capable of imparting learning to anyone from anywhere. It gives an atmosphere to learn individually and independently.

There are various functionalities and features of an effective education software for an institution. Look at some wonderful reasons for institutions to switch to an education software.

Reasons for an Institute to implement student Management Software

  1. Enhanced Learning Experience:
    Educational software used in an Institution can make learning interesting while beating all traditional means of learning. Through interactive and involved learning the student are able to learn better and perform well in their exams. A win-win situation for both the students and the institutions.
  2. Multi-Sensory Involvement:
    Using the educational software on computer or a tablet device involves a student to use many senses at ones thereby building the knowledge base as well as keeping them active. It stimulates learning and helps in promoting hand-eye coordination which is also helpful for students to practice good handwriting.
  3. Mediums of Learning:
    Including games and puzzles for intensified learning also encourages students to solve problems. Thereby the students become confident and successively they can figure out solutions to routine problems easily and sort them out on their own without any external help.
  4. Promotes Creativity:
    The use of School Management Software in schools offers interactive learning options through which they can further explore more. So instead of just reading a book, with the use of School management software the students can learn better and faster.
  5. Complete Learning Experience:
    The school management software offers a good scope of learning to everyone, as each student has a different learning capability. So, the education software works best for student evaluation as a guide for teachers. An educational software offers an individual the opportunity to learn at its own pace and under their own control. Doing this, helps students in pushing themselves while not being affected by the timeline of others.

Technology is supposed to evolve us from our traditional existence. Similarly, the educational system is changing, and it is high time that we adopt to the newer opportunities faster so we can stay ahead of the time. A school management software is the need of the institutions, students and the teachers for a complete and effective management cycle. Moreover, it makes easier for the management to take control of all the activities right from their desk. This is equally beneficial for top to bottom management and student to faculty.

We have been creating custom school management software for our clients as per their specific requirements. We would be glad to create a custom software for your institution as well. To know more about how we can help you implement one in your institution write to us at

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Why should you use School Management Software in your School?

In today’s world, everyone is completely dependent on the various forms of technologies that save their time and energy. The foremost example of such a technology is the development of the computer systems that has the potential to scale up the employment of an individual or organization. As a result, it minimizes efforts and additionally saves times. Although, below are a few indicators of the impact of School Management Software on the business.

  1. Improves Work Performance Quality

    Institution like school/college is always involved in various activities at different levels. It requires a good amount of involvement in terms of their time and efforts. Such a wide range of activities require huge expenditures to figure out a solution. As a measure, various institutions are incorporating School Management Software just to ensure their organizational system works efficiently, easily and saves time. Even more the implementation of school management software helps save a lot while helping on the allocation of the resources rightly.

  2. Helps You Go Paperless. Green. Hassle-free.

    School Management program has the potential to go paperless. An institution may say goodbye to all the paperwork management, energy, and expenses for the physical documentation. Schools have a wide range of requirements from receipts to student records, exam paper to reports and many other important documentations. To access these documents physically when required is hectic. Whereas virtual documentation make things quite easier and less time consuming. In case of School management software, the data is safely stored online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime only by the assigned individuals.

    Additionally, performance management system is helpful in evaluating student performance periodically. Performance evaluation, if done physically, is a hectic process and involves many working hours creating reports. But it is really simple to maintain virtually. Once aware of the tool one may even utilize several analysis tools to get a better perspective at the student’s learning and growth.

  3. Saving time

    Most importantly the staff saves heavy amount of time in creating records but also writing notes in the diaries for individual students. The students and their wards can now be simply updated about any important notice or dates from the school management in real time. Thus, with the implementation of the School Management Software in your organization you can simply switch to saving time, energy and money to be used in the development of the children.

  4. Saving Money

    The Admission Procedures of any school are very extensive and exhausting both for the management and the resources. There is huge data waiting to be verified and processed for further action. Additionally, there is huge asset value involved in the admission process. A school management software helps you ensure error-free and smooth operation throughout the organization. So, this single software can create receipts, generating reports and do everything related to database and records and more for the future with its analytics tools. A School management system is tailor-made for your school as per the specific requirements of your school.

With an edge of analysis tool an institution can transform itself while learning about the key points of a business’ growth. To know more on how we can help you get a custom school management software for your school you can write to us at

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Why Schools, colleges need a Course Management System? – Our Campus

Our new course scheduling system is designed to simplify the overall learning management of a course. Experience the advantage of a well-planned course scheduling system that integrates ease and reduces complexity.

Why a course management system is needed?

Right from big universities to fresh institutes they are all relying on the technology to reduce their management’s workload. In this regard, the course management system is designed to reduce the hazards of manual scheduling and its tedious distribution process which even involves the use of paper and physical mediums of information distribution and not to forget the fact ‘to err is to human’.

With Our Campus Academic Scheduling Software, an institution can simply plan and execute their course learning activities such as distribution of assignments, circulars and updates on the upcoming programs for students as per their requirements. These are a few aspects to help you maintain a better workflow for your course without spending much time in tedious manual scheduling process:

  • Encourages Interaction between Students and Faculties: The learning management system or course management system can be simply utilized to be a centralized repository for classroom learning material. It can also act as an outside classroom interaction system.
  • Develops exchange habits and cooperation among students: Learning evolves with the team, as a solo learning has certain limitations and learning with others enhances involvement in learning thereby giving a better perspective to an individual’s mindset and opportunities to share knowledge, learning and growth.
  • Uses Active Learning Techniques: Involving instructional activities to let students do things and then think about what they are doing. It also emphasizes student’s exploration of their own attitudes and values. For example, providing feedback on one another’s work through peer review.
  • Give and get prompt feedbacks: Automation being the key component of the learning management system, allows instructors to provide consistent and timely feedback to students using notifications and emails to remind and update them from time to time.
  • Sets realistic timelines for tasks: Adding realistic timelines to certain tasks speeds up the work process both for students and faculties. As time management is crucial both students and professionals, the effective time management involves timely completion of assignment thereby ensuring effective learning and efficient growth for an individual
  • Communicates high expectations: Effective learning management system encourages communication within a classroom, and the update on certain tasks to make sure others see each other’s performance thereby raising the expectations bar for the overall classroom.
  • Respects diverse talents, perspectives and ways of learning: This system allows as much time needed to achieve mastery in a subject, with custom pace and instructions. Let’s teachers to be a knowledge facilitator rather than the source of knowledge which makes students learn and be better.


There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round. Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our Course Scheduling system simplifies academic scheduling while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers, and students together on the same learning plank. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.

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Time table management system for teachers and students

Timetable Management For Teachers & Students | Our Campus Software

Our new time table and attendance management system is designed to simplify class scheduling and attendance marking. Experience the advantage of a well-planned scheduling system that integrates ease and reduces complexity.

Why a time table management system is needed?

We all know the challenges of a poor scheduling and time table management system. With the beginning of each academic year begins the pressure of scheduling and arranging time slots, making allotments, planning for absent teachers, and whatnot, the list is just endless. But with the simple integration of an efficient Timetable Management system for teachers and students, it becomes easier to plan, schedule, publish, and maintain overall activities in an academic year.

With Our Campus Timetable management system, an institution can simply plan and execute its activities as per their requirements and choices. These are a few aspects to help you maintain a better workflow without spending much time in tedious manual scheduling process:

  • Multiple Teachers per period: Assign multiple teachers for practical sessions
  • Different Daily Plans: Allocate different days with variation in class timing, at different time slots and weekdays
  • Multiple Subjects per period: Schedule as many periods in a day as per the requirement
  • Class wise time table: Class-wise and subject-wise timetables and share with teachers, parents and students
  • Schedule Assembly and Breaks: Include assembly and multiple breaks in your daily timetable
  • Multiple Periods Per day: Assign multiple periods in a day, depending on the day

How it works?

  • Create time table Pattern
  • Add periods to each day
  • Add teachers to each subject
  • Share with parents and students

Unique Features of the Attendance Management System

Scheduling class made easy

Add or remove classes, schedule new classes, and make other changes to the timetable. It simply saves time and energy to operate on a centralized system.

Attendance Management

The system integrates annual calendar, daily attendance, leaves, special notes, remarks to students and teachers. Hence the time and energy are saved along with paper.

Rightly prioritize all activities

Plan and schedule classes strategically as per the need of the session. Allot different time slots for different days and times thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

Why you should go for Our Campus Timetable and Attendance Management System?

  • Well-timed schedule
  • Equitable distribution of faculty
  • Timetable rearrangement as per the situation
  • Plan events and holidays with calendar planner


There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year-round. Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our Timetable Management system simplifies institute processes while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers and students together. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.

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Assessment Management System: Our Campus Advantage

Assessment Management System: Our Campus Software Advantage

Your staff and faculty members are constantly involved in the hectic process of assessing student performance from time to time and to do so manually is a huge work load. Well, Assessment Management System is here to your rescue. It makes complete assessment process paper free, without repetition.

Customized and ready to use formats for assessment allows faculties to create question banks for different courses which can be uploaded in variety of formats such as images, files, documents, and media to be used as per the requirement. The system allows faculties to upload, send/receive and track assignments while they can also send online reminders to students. Students can submit their assignment online using the system. On submission, faculties can grade and share the feedback with students and parents for a transparent process of assessment.

Major features of Our Campus Student Assessment Management system are:

    • Customized Marking Schemes

Marking can be customized as per the requirement and can be done need-based as per the subject or exam requirement.

    • Streamlined Examination

Exam times stresses both students as well as faculties, but with the support of Our Campus Assessment Management Software exams can be easily planned and executed by pre-defining the seating arrangement, resource distribution, and responsibilities to be given.

    • Simplified Evaluation

It becomes easier to evaluate and view data from time to time as per the need of the situation thereby reducing the paperwork time and the complex process of searching through the physical documents to view or display an individual’s performance records.

    • Records Activities

The School Management Software keeps track of every activity assigned by faculties and the actions taken by students on them. The system keeps all the information related to one’s performance and behavior at one place, safe and secured.

    • Grades Conversion

Faculties can easily convert numbers into grades with the help of a simple tool in the system to ensure that conversion is not a constraint to productivity.

    • Report Card Generation

Creates a detailed report of each individual, section, department wise to provide complete data when needed.

The Student Management System comes with a few benefits to the management and its staff thereby improving their efficiency.

Advantages of the system:

  • Maintain Academic Profiles
  • Master Setup for all Exams
  • Different Exam Group creation
  • Terms Exam Creation
  • Simplified Entry Format
  • Systematic Evaluation Scheme
  • Grade Sheets
  • Percentile Calculation

Our Campus’s Student management software is designed to cover all aspects of student learning and development including educational, ethical and personal growth. It assists in assessment process to meet the specific requirements of an institution. It also helps management align their resources more efficiently along with their goals.

If you wish to implement an effective School Management System or College Management Software within your institution write to us at and we will get back to you with our efficient solutions to help you grow your institution.

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School, College Grading System Integration Benefits with Our Campus

Grading System with Our Campus Software

Experts in education industry know that the best way to maintain student’s growth from time to time is through keeping the track of their learning activities and performance. Although this tracking helps in devising better techniques to make sure each individual benefits and grows with time, it could also be done in simple steps with the help of using a grading system. A system that brings you complete solutions for grading and assessment to result in continuous improvement.Our Campus School or College Grading System is a platform which empowers institutions to apply automation in evaluation process, focuses on individual performance, conduct curriculum reviews, and to channelize campus-wide accreditation processes to let institutions achieve their educational and strategic objectives.

How Grading System Integration will be helpful for schools or colleges?

Find the complete details for reasons to use grading system integrated with Our Campus software in 2019

  • Implement Standards
  • Conduct Assessments
  • Determine Grades
  • Customize Report Cards

The system can be in bifurcated into four segments such as:

  • Implement Standards
    Our Grading System captures student data such as enrollment status, attendance records, internal test results, etc., to create performance reports of each individual. Our School grading system helps meet report card standards and follows grading scale system defined by the institution and its management. With a resource bank of custom and ready-to-use report templates, Our Campus’s School grading system helps set and maintain standards. It empowers faculties and professors with data on performance reports, attendance records and discipline level to implement better standards.
  • Conduct Assessments
    Our Campus Assessment System is a part of our School Management Software which helps capture multiple forms of student evaluation in tests, quizzes, assignments, projects, and much more to determine grades. The assessment system can be used to configure the standards and eligibility criteria for minimum score in individual subjects.
  • Determine Grades
    Report Cards can be categorized as per the grading system, scheme, group, categories, calculations to view and display. It displays calculations based on report cards, student performance as per the marks scored in the mentioned course and department. Faculties/Instructors can easily add to the report card through adding comments, can integrate student attendance records with the report card and view daily student attendance for the period or subject in the real-time.
  • Customize Report Cards
    With the use of our Student Management system and its grading features one can simply customize reports as per the specific requirements of the school, college or institution and also improve communication with the parents for a real time update on their ward’s performance. Export student data in any quantity for the entire institution once the data is fed in the system for creating report cards. These report can even be sent to students to determine future objectives and to parents for supporting learning needs.

Our Campus’s Student management software is designed to cover all aspects of student learning and development including educational, ethical and personal growth. It assists in creating standards in grading system to meet the specific requirements of an institution. It also helps management in taking decisions for efficient planning and implementation of their organizational resources aligned with their goals.

If you wish to implement an effective School Management System or College Management System within your institution write to us at and we will get back to you with our efficient solutions to help you grow your institution.

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