Benefits of Academic Management Software for Schools, Colleges

Benefits of Academic Management Software for Schools, Colleges

Managing an education institute is one hell of a task. From looking after students to managing teachers. Furthermore, managing the finances of everything. Some of these tasks can go horribly wrong by a simple human error. To sum up, you need a helping hand in running and growing your institution. That’s where an Academic Management System comes in. These systems are mostly online and can be used for a lot of tasks. From bulk messaging your students to keep track of everyone’s attendance. Academic Management Software can do more than you can imagine. Here are a few reasons your institute needs this system:

Growing Workforce

Sometimes you end up hiring people for small things and then they add up to the pay-roll. In the same breath, if you get an Academic Management System it will cut into your workforce significantly. The guy you hired just to send information texts to students won’t be useful anymore and many more. Another positive of this system is that it helps you keep only the most valuable employees which further improves the standard of your institution.

Keep Track

One of the best features of these systems is that they’ll help you keep track of everything. From students to teachers. You’ll know how many days they weren’t in the institute and when they left early or arrived late. You’ll know where your money goes and which students are performing the best. The spectrum is so huge that it’s difficult, to sum up.


Do you know what’s common between Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet? Apart from the money and software they’re all highly efficient. These are the three richest men in the world. Unsurprisingly, all three of them believe inefficiency. Subsequently, an Academic Management Software can provide your institute with that efficiency and the key to success. This software is designed to save your maximum time. The system presents to you the cleanest possible framework of your institute which helps you work efficiently.

If you’re looking to get an Academic Management System for your institute, feel free to contact us at and we’ll help you extensively.

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School, College Grading System Integration Benefits with Our Campus

Grading System with Our Campus Software

Experts in education industry know that the best way to maintain student’s growth from time to time is through keeping the track of their learning activities and performance. Although this tracking helps in devising better techniques to make sure each individual benefits and grows with time, it could also be done in simple steps with the help of using a grading system. A system that brings you complete solutions for grading and assessment to result in continuous improvement.Our Campus School or College Grading System is a platform which empowers institutions to apply automation in evaluation process, focuses on individual performance, conduct curriculum reviews, and to channelize campus-wide accreditation processes to let institutions achieve their educational and strategic objectives.

How Grading System Integration will be helpful for schools or colleges?

Find the complete details for reasons to use grading system integrated with Our Campus software in 2019

  • Implement Standards
  • Conduct Assessments
  • Determine Grades
  • Customize Report Cards

The system can be in bifurcated into four segments such as:

  • Implement Standards
    Our Grading System captures student data such as enrollment status, attendance records, internal test results, etc., to create performance reports of each individual. Our School grading system helps meet report card standards and follows grading scale system defined by the institution and its management. With a resource bank of custom and ready-to-use report templates, Our Campus’s School grading system helps set and maintain standards. It empowers faculties and professors with data on performance reports, attendance records and discipline level to implement better standards.
  • Conduct Assessments
    Our Campus Assessment System is a part of our School Management Software which helps capture multiple forms of student evaluation in tests, quizzes, assignments, projects, and much more to determine grades. The assessment system can be used to configure the standards and eligibility criteria for minimum score in individual subjects.
  • Determine Grades
    Report Cards can be categorized as per the grading system, scheme, group, categories, calculations to view and display. It displays calculations based on report cards, student performance as per the marks scored in the mentioned course and department. Faculties/Instructors can easily add to the report card through adding comments, can integrate student attendance records with the report card and view daily student attendance for the period or subject in the real-time.
  • Customize Report Cards
    With the use of our Student Management system and its grading features one can simply customize reports as per the specific requirements of the school, college or institution and also improve communication with the parents for a real time update on their ward’s performance. Export student data in any quantity for the entire institution once the data is fed in the system for creating report cards. These report can even be sent to students to determine future objectives and to parents for supporting learning needs.

Our Campus’s Student management software is designed to cover all aspects of student learning and development including educational, ethical and personal growth. It assists in creating standards in grading system to meet the specific requirements of an institution. It also helps management in taking decisions for efficient planning and implementation of their organizational resources aligned with their goals.

If you wish to implement an effective School Management System or College Management System within your institution write to us at and we will get back to you with our efficient solutions to help you grow your institution.

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Application Management System: Handling last minute admissions and more…

Students start submitting applications at the very last moment of admission season which becomes hectic for Management. Be it any stream in education domain, there has been a proven record of expected burden which comes to them at the time of admission.Here’s a sneak peak at statistics of one of our client institution’s application process. They had the smoothest experience in toughest times of admission with Our Campus Student Management System. Out of total applications received, 80% happened on the last date and maximum at the last hour. In which the Management admitted that without Our Campus’s admission management system it would have been a nightmare for their staff to process such huge number of applications in no given time.

Application Management System by Our Campus has been providing solutions to various institutions and organizations for a long time. Our experience taught us to prepare and upgrade the system as per the requirement of our clients from time to time. It allows to manage admissions easily along with student’s basic details, contact information, nationality, academic background, fee history and submitted or pending documents, along with other important fields.

The system is capable of managing the complete cycle right from the generated enquiries to current students and the alumni database. This system’s objective is to deliver consistent support to the administration department of institution along with facilitating students to quickly and easily apply and track status of their application.

Handling Last Minute Admissions and more with Our Campus Software

Find the complete details of Application Management System for schools and colleges

Round the clock Online System
Worldwide Access
Manage Complete Admission Process
More time for productive works
More User Friendly

Our Campus Application Management System Advantage:

  • Round the clock Online System
    Ability to access and process data anytime for the administration department. It allows students to apply and review their application anytime.
  • Worldwide Access
    The administration and students can access the system from anywhere even using their mobile. It also has a feature to restrict access to information and data as per assigned rights.
  • Manage Complete Admission Process
    The Admission Department can view and maintain data for the complete life cycle of a student, as a prospect, student and even as an alumnus.
  • More time for productive works
    The Administration Department gets more time to focus on the essentials and save on an institution’s overheads by avoiding piles of paperwork with faster processing of applications.
  • More User-Friendly
    The system is developed with simplicity to ensure no IT capability is required to understand and operate it. Just basic computer knowledge is sufficient to ensure better efficiency.

Our Campus simplifies the application management and aligned processes for better convenience of administration, teachers, students, and management.

Now you can easily implement a system that integrates admissions, fees, assessment and performance, attendance, staff, library and all other important aspects of student management in one place. For more information on how better we can assist you in streamlining your institution management or school management with the help of one single customized system write to us at

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Why schools need student management system?

The education system has constantly been evolving, hence to keep up with new channels of education we need to evolve our system to store information by automating the traditional ways and bringing more structure to the curriculum.

To manage enormous amount of data, it becomes important to include a managing tool to your School. A Student Management System is solution to all the requirements a school work on. Various features like admission, attendance, fee collection library, examination, timetable, student performance report etc. are available in a Student Management System.

Let’s have a look at some reasons for the schools to use a student management system:

  • Revenue management
    Another factor, that is crucial for the success of the school is revenue. A school management system allows you to update fees as per the courses with respect to various classification of fees such as registration, fine, discount and so on. There are reports to show the revenue received and due as per the date range selection by user. Individual student fees report is also available in the system.
  • Admission Management
    Right from the time that potential students inquire for admission till after they pass out of the school, the student management system allows you maintain all the data and documents in the software. It also gives an option to the school to opt of customised application tracking link from the school website, for the students to track their application.
  • Reduces communication gap
    With a school management system software, it is possible to communicate through messages, or emails which increases teacher – student/parent interaction. It also allows to communicate with internal members of the school.
  • Course and subject management
    All the school spend a lot of time in planning the course curriculum and in today’s day, where all the courses and subjects are complex, the student management system helps to link the course with subjects and manage their classes.
  • Student performance monitoring
    Generally, teachers in the school find it really difficult to keep track of the student activities such as the attendance, their leaves, the grades and their disciplinary issues. Simultaneously, the school also needs to monitor the performance through assignments to track the extent of progress being achieved by the students. The system will help to track the students’ grade and and other performance.
  • Organise and simplify everyday tasks
    The dashboard gives a block-wise view of all the useful data on a single screen, making sure everything important is highlighted. The everyday work of the teaching and administrative staff is made simple to add, update and view. A user does not need to be high IT literate to access it and can easily work on the system.
  • Centralised data and easy access to all
    All the school information, including the details of student and staff, are stored centrally in a web based solution. Hence, the data can be accessed from anywhere and at any time with proper internet access. The best part is that the system can be accessed by all the members of the school, such as directors, teaching and nonteaching staff, students and parents.
  • Time table and attendance management
    Student attendance is a crucial factor in the school today, hence, keeping a track of the attendance for both school and parents are very important. The system gives the provision to create time table with batches as per the course and academic intake, further allowing the school to update attendance by manual entry or by using biometric devices.

There are many more features and advantages of the student management system for the schools and all the other educational institutions. These system focus on the growth and continued existence of the school and are ideal for several campuses.

You can check out our website to learn more about the student management system and if you need any further information, you can contact us at

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