Online library management system


The web based Library Management System is very important in the present scenario to deliver content and resources to students, faculty and staff. All the details of the books such as author name, edition, etc, can be managed with our online solution.

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Online Library Management System makes catalogs for books with their names, edition, and volume and keeps them organized every time. The execution of this System reduces the problem for librarian seriously by making his job easier.

maintaining many collections of books with different subjects and genres is not an easy task as it needs great accuracy and arrangement. Involving any manual work takes time longer than expected and also does not guarantee that no-errors comes in the entire arrangement. One mistake in the arrangement of books disturb the complete library and it is completely tough for the librarian. To make it easier, Library Management System Software has been developed and designed which provides different categories for different books. It helps to track the arrangement of the books in the library in real-time by providing the details of a particular shelf in which it has been kept with its number.


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